I recently watched a Youtube video of someone who claimed that Instagram is dying. To be honest I do agree. Instagram is pushing these video’s like crazy and I am almost unable to see the posts of the people I follow. Beside that Instagram’s algorithm seems to hold photo’s in […]

New social media channel – Vero

Wow. It has been a pretty while since I wrote something here. When Covid found its way across the world I decided to lay low for a while to keep my family, models and myself safe. After that I had to work on some home improvements which made that most […]

Finally back in action

Let’s talk about me for once. Well, since it’s still COVID time and I’m not shooting that much it might be a good time to do something different and give you some background insights about all of this photography work I’m doing. So let’s talk a bit about me.  A […]

My photography style

Sometimes strange and unforeseen things happen in life. This time something completely unexpected. My wife blew up our network router. That’s right. Boom. That’s quite an achievement huh? It was not completely her fault though. She switched on the lights and a lightbulb broke down and caused a power shortage […]

Fresh router