About me

I am Marco Hofman, a photographer in the Netherlands. I started with photography 20 years ago and never stopped loving it to make images. I love to work with people and therefore enjoy to create profound portraits of them. Beside the soft skill side of photography I like the photography technique a lot. I love using using artificial light to create drama in my images. Of course only in those situations where this artificial light will add to the ambiance of the image. Combining both portraits and light is my ultimate passion.

I strive to make my images technically as good as possible. However, this is just the base for my photography. Like a second nature. The real photography lies in in-depth concepts and style. I prefer a minimalistic style in my images with focus on the subject.

Beside photography knowledge and experience I have a universal degree and a lot of experience in the corporate business world. Therefore I tend to see my photography shoots as projects and treat them that way. That means that I prefer to prepare my shoots thoroughly. This method results in images with a more in conceptual depth because the theme has been worked out in advance with all people involved. Also the images will be of higher quality most of the time because a decent technical plan has been made. And there will be less wobbles during the shoot because there is less chance of coincidences. Does this mean that there is no room for flexibility? Of course not. The plan is just a roadmap for me. When there are obstructions or better opportunities occur, I’ll take the diversion.