Film noir shoot with Berlinda

In one my previous news messages I wrote that the heat is back on again with my photoshoots. This surely goes for the shoot I write about now.

During covid Berlinda and I already had some online conversations together and did preparations for this shoot. So the idea for this shoot was here for a long time and now it finally came to life. 

For the shoot we had a film noir shoot in mind. Meaning black and white classic images. So a few weeks before the shoot started we worked out more specific shoot plans, got some props and we were ready to go. I got some Venetian blinds and hang them from a studio stands boom arm. We even added a perplex ‘window’. Even the trusty old smoke machine has been brought back to life. Cool stuff. 

I had a fantastic collaboration with Berlinda. She is really good in acting in certain roles which led to these great results. You can find more about Berlinda’s work at: 

Here are some the results we achieved:

Thank you very much for this collaboration Berlinda. I had a fantastic time. You are a great model, a nice person to spend time with and you are very good in boosting my creativity levels.