My top 10 images of 2022

Wow. This has been a while since I did kind of thing. I did a top 10 for the last time in 2019. After that covid hit all of us. This caused a big dip in my photography. But I’m back. Since half 2022 I picked up shooting again in about the same pace as before. However I created half the material of what I would make in a year’s time. But I still was able to pull off a full top 10.

To all models I want to express my utmost gratitude. Thank you all so much for collaborating with me this year. If you did not make it to this top 10 don’t despair. This doesn’t say anything about you as a model. This top 10 is about me as a photographer, my personal feelings about the images, and the progress that I have made.

The order in which I discuss the images have nothing to do with a ranking of them. I just like them all enough to present them here to you.

Arjan – Mr Handsome

Arjan is my old friend as from elementary school. And no, I will not talk about age 😉

I asked Arjan to model for me a few years ago. Due to some unexpected circumstances we were not able to execute this photoshoot. And finally this year we were able to do so. And I loved the results from this shoot. Arjan has become a very handsome gentleman and I feel honoured that I could make this portrait of him.

If you want to know more about this shoot, check out Moody shoot with Arjan.

Viviane – Tough girl

On a day in which all things we planned went down the drain because we were sent away from our planned shooting location we opted for another location. That location seemed almost unreachable. So we went to location number three. Which is the ugliest bridge that can be found in the Netherlands. This shoot was done to test out a camera and lens that I only had planned for studiowork. And when I finally watched the results back at the office on a large screen I was flabbergasted. Even that lens with a ‘slow’ maximum aperture performed amazing. This in combination with a great model as Viviane resulted in this cool image. 

You can find out more about this shoot at The ugliest bridge with Viviane.

Berlinda – The final mix will kill it

This shoot was so cool. Together with Berlinda we spent weeks of preparation. Every bottle was manually labeled and filled. The light plan was worked out in advance. At the day of the shoot we spent hours of time to setup the scene and shot the photo’s within half an hour. And when all these preparations come to live in such a cool shoot I am really a happy camper. I have to be honest. I have done more amazing shoots with Berlinda but I had to choose one because I select only one image per model in a top 10. 

Check this poisonous link for more information about this shoot: Madame the poisoner with Berlinda.

Elisa – Lady of the woods

I have decided to do more fine-art work. I had contact with model Elisa who does amazing fantasy figures with terrific outfits. So we decided to do an outdoor shoot together. The location also was magnificent.  I really love the way the images came out. I am planning on doing more of these kind of shoots in the future. 

You can read more at Fantasy in the Blue Chamber with Elisa.

Jessie – What rose?

I have worked with Jessie before during an outdoor shoot. This time we went for a fine-art studio shoot with roses. The goal was to match the roses color tone with her hair. Jessie brought beautiful roses that matched up to her hair pretty well. The rest was done in good old Photoshop. We had several great images from that shoot but for this top 10 I choose this one because of the perky nature of it.

See Fine-art roses shoot with Jessie for more information about this shoot.

Teddi – Bouquet girl

The acquaintance with Teddi was pretty unusual. Due to a pretty sustained flow of shoot cancellations caused by models that caught covid I had an open space for a studio shoot just one day one day in advance. Teddi contacted me and we decided to do a fine-art shoot. Within that very short timeframe Teddi did a great job by coming fully prepared with a lot of props to the shoot. The shoot itself went flawlessly as well and we got some great images which matched up to my fine-art wished too. All in all a great experience with even greater results.

For more information about this shoot check out Fine-art shoot with Teddi.

Mariëlle – Matching curvature

This is an image that I didn’t write about before at this website. But when I was reviewing my 2022 images to decide on this top 10 this photograph jumped out to me. This is an image I created with model Mariëlle. This was a kind of unexpected move during the shoot which turned out even better than I could imagine. My goal for this image was to match the curves of the guitar and Mariëlle’s great figure. The red body totally added up to the atmosphere. For me it was a mission completed with this one.

Check out my post about the other images I did with Mariëlle at Hats in the studio with Mariëlle.

Cidaq – Thinking of …

I haven’t done this in a while. To go out for a location shoot at night time. Completed with flashes, a tripod and the whole shebang. I love doing these kind of shoots. Especially because they are more complex that the regular studio shoot because also the environment comes into play. Both by lighting and composition. This shoot was with model Cidaq and her cool car at an even cooler location: the harbour area of Rotterdam. We macgyvered a flashlight in the car to create this lighting on her. I love it when all these efforts result in a great image.

Cindel – Cinderella’s superlative

I haven’t been shooting a lot of curvy models lately. I did more of that in the past. So it was time to pick up these kind of shoots again. And I can not think about a better way to do so that collaborating with Cindel. She is a great model and personality who participated in the Miss Curve Nederland 2022 contest. She brought her Cinderella dress and topped that of with a crown. I think this is the best way of reinstating my shoots with curvy models again.

See more of this lovely shoot at Cinderella shoot with Cindel.

Esther – Majestic

She looks utmost royal to me. I had a great shoot with model Esther. We did a fine-art shoot with several props. And somehow this image resonated the most to me. Her stately posture and appearance make this image fantastic. I truly love it. This is the kind of style I like for my fine-art work. Moody and intense content.

You can read more about my shoot with Esther at Fine-art shoot with Esther.

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