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Happy new year everybody. It has been a while since I posted a news message here. Time to re-activate my portrait shooting. Last year was to say at least a big ‘meh’ in relation to my model photography. A lot of personal things got in the way of doing photoshoots. […]

MHI Blog – Happy New Year 2024

Wow. What a rush. It is 2023 already. I hope you and your loved ones are all well. I wish you all the best for this new year and hope your dreams will come true.  In my post about reflection on the year of 2022 I wrote to you that […]

Happy New Year 2023

At the end of a year it can be a good idea to take a look at yourself and see how you performed. So let’s dive into that. How was my year photographically speaking?  Of course there was the coming back after covid. It took a bit of time to […]

Reflection of 2022

Wow. Did I have a surprise last week. Between my ever-increasing flow of WhatsApp messages I received this picture: And yes … those are images that I created with that fantastic model called Berlinda.  How proud can you get as a photographer? When your work makes it to someone’s walls […]

The ultimate reward

I recently watched a Youtube video of someone who claimed that Instagram is dying. To be honest I do agree. Instagram is pushing these video’s like crazy and I am almost unable to see the posts of the people I follow. Beside that Instagram’s algorithm seems to hold photo’s in […]

New social media channel – Vero

Wow. It has been a pretty while since I wrote something here. When Covid found its way across the world I decided to lay low for a while to keep my family, models and myself safe. After that I had to work on some home improvements which made that most […]

Finally back in action

Let’s talk about me for once. Well, since it’s still COVID time and I’m not shooting that much it might be a good time to do something different and give you some background insights about all of this photography work I’m doing. So let’s talk a bit about me.  A […]

My photography style

This is the season of joy, love and piece to spend with your friends and your loved ones. May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this season. I want to wish all of you a wonderful and merry Christmas and I hope you all have an amazing […]

Merry Christmas

I am a member of 500px since 2013. 500px is a social media community for photographers. You can find the most beautiful photographs there. My profile with photo’s at 500px can be found at: 500px/com/mc_hofman. Until I started with Marco Hofman Imaging at the end of 2017 I did’t do […]

1000 Followers on 500px

Today I have something completely different. Usually I only shoot high end portraits or some product work in the studio. But today I will write about a photoshoot with animals. Those of you who know me in person already know that I like to photograph during the travelling I do […]

Safari lens test

Some of you might already have noticed that these I recently added an account for Marco Hofman Imaging to Instagram. I decided to share a part of my portfolio on that social media channel as well. The handle aka username on Instagram is marcohofmanimaging. You can go directly to my […]

Marco Hofman Imaging on Instagram

First of all: A happy new year to you all out there. I hope you have had a great Sylvester party. Well … let’s talk 2019: a new year with new chances. Although there were some flaws in the energy I was able to put in my photography, 2018 has […]

Happy 2019

Well. Here it is. My first step as a photographer to create my own space in the web. After some hard work and designing, this website is a fact. Social Media account will follow soon. In this blog I will keep you posted on my photography adventures that will lay ahead […]

New Website!