New social media channel – Vero

I recently watched a Youtube video of someone who claimed that Instagram is dying. To be honest I do agree. Instagram is pushing these video’s like crazy and I am almost unable to see the posts of the people I follow. Beside that Instagram’s algorithm seems to hold photo’s in favour of video’s.

So the stuff I’m interested in from fellow photographers, models, MUA’s and stylists are overwhelmed by video’s of cute puppies and other stuff I really don’t want to see when I’m on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong. I love puppies, dogs, cats and so on but I want to watch content about them when I choose so and not when Instagram is forcing me to.

So this same guy mentioned in his Youtube video that Vero would be a good replacement for sharing photo’s. Vero is an add-free and algorithm free app which only shows content of the people you are related to. That sounds promising.

So this morning I decided to try it out. I created an account and started posting some of my work.

Vero screenshot

Are any of you also on Vero? Let’s connect there. You can find me with user name @marcohofman at Vero or follow this url: