Fantasy in the Blue Chamber with Elisa

I have been in a lovely nature reserve for an outdoor photoshoot. This nature reserve is called ‘De Blaauwe Kamer’ which is freely translated ‘The Blue Chamber’.  The theme for this photoshoot was fantasy/fineart. 

For this shoot I worked together with Elisa. She is a great model for these kind of themes.

You can find out more about Elisa’s work at her social media channels:

We shot with two different outfits at several scenes and came up with some lovely images. 

Here are some of the results:

I think we achieved some fantastic results. Beside Elisa being a great model I was very lucky that Ad was also with Elisa. He proved to be a great help to the both of us. Here is a behind-the-scenes image of him in action.

BTS – Big assistance by Ad

Thank you Elisa for this lovely collaboration. I love your outfits and the way pose. And of course a big thank you to Ad for helping me out there in the field.