Finally back in action

Wow. It has been a pretty while since I wrote something here. When Covid found its way across the world I decided to lay low for a while to keep my family, models and myself safe. After that I had to work on some home improvements which made that most of my photography gear was packed unreachable. 

But not anymore. I have regained the access to my photography gear and it is time to reactivate my photoshoots. Finally. 

To be honest I really missed the photoshoots for the creative process and the contact with other people. The last two years were pretty boring. 

Now let’s focus on the future. I am very exited about the upcoming shoots I have planned. Beside that also some great projects are shaping at the back of my head so there is a lot more to come. I am really looking forward to future collaborations and the new talents I will be able to work with. 

The heat is on!