Back to the 80’s shoot with Britt

Time for something retro. This time with model Britt. Check out Britt at her Facebook page: Britt Streefkerk. Note that Britt is a photographer too!

Britt loves the music from the 80’s. Since I grew up in that era, I love that music too. So we organised a shoot around that theme. We decided to create an 80’s vibe on a blanket with music related props added to it. We even added a classic Fender sunburst Stratocaster guitar to spice up the images.  It was a different kind of shoot than usual because I had to shoot the images from above. Which forced us to think in a tilted way about the lighting setup too.

Of course we played 80’s music during this shoot to get completely in the vibe. In post processing I added some 80’s tonality to the images. I think the images came out great. 

Here are some of the results:

Thank you Britt. You did a great job.