About my TFP shoots

For models who prefer to read about my TFP rules in Dutch language you can read this PDF file: TFP spelregels Marco Hofman V1.5.

Sometimes I do photo shoots on a TFP base. TFP for me stands for Time For Photo’s. TFP shoots can be done when both the model and the photographer gain something for their portfolio. In other words: new types of images. These TFP shoots mean that this is a shoot without actual payment for the model and for me as the photographer. This base means that I will have certain rules around these TFP shoots. I will mention these rules below.

Selection of photo’s

  • As the photographer, I will make a selection from the images that I will use for post processing and deliver. The model is allowed to give a preference during the shoot but the final decision lays by me as photographer.

Delivery to the model

  • The model receives 4 to 8 photo’s in a digital format (jpeg) that is suitable for presentation on smartphones, computers, televisions etcetera
  • The model receives the photo’s within one month after the shoot
  • All delivered photo’s are high-end retouched in Photoshop
  • The model does not receive high resolution files and RAW files
  • When the model wishes to have prints of these photo’s, I will deliver those at cost price. This guaranties my delivered quality. I order my prints at Profotonet (www.profotonet.nl). The rates that are mentioned on their website are the price that your pay. The arrangement for these orders are of course free of charge.
  • In case the model does need a high resolution file for any reason, this will be done in mutual consultation so that I can deliver the file as the needs require.

Usage of photo’s

  • The photo’s are not used by for commercial goals by both the model and me as a photographer
  • The model is not allowed to edit the picture or crop it in another way. Ask me for it when a different variant is required
  • The model is allowed to publish the photo’s on social media and other websites. Tagging me with that is very appreciated:
  • I can use the photo’s on my website, social media channels and other websites:
    • I will only use the first name of the model
    • When I have to publish with another name, the model has to request me in writing to do so before the day of the shoot
    • I wil not tag the model or refer to the model in any other way in order to warrant the privacy of the model. Tagging or linking will exclusively be done by request of the model
    • I will only publish photo’s that the model has also received from me
  • I am allowed to use these photo’s for photographic contests. In case I do win such a contest, the price is for me as the photographer