Reflection of 2022

At the end of a year it can be a good idea to take a look at yourself and see how you performed. So let’s dive into that. How was my year photographically speaking? 

Of course there was the coming back after covid. It took a bit of time to get up and running again. And to reinvent techniques that we already executed before covid. But that’s okay. Another thing for 2022 was a big change in camera systems. I went from DSLR fully to mirrorless. At least as far as camera bodies goes. Of course I added some mirrorless lenses but I also kept a lot of my favourite DSLR lenses which I use on the mirrorless camera’s via adapters.

These were some more conditional circumstances. When thinking of photographic progress for this year it is a bit difficult to measure or reflect. The point is that I had no plans for this year. I was already happy to be able to get back to shooting again. That alone was big progress in comparison to the years before 2022. For the next year I have some plans of which I hopefully will be able to execute them. But for this year it was just plain old shooting and trying to move to my dot on the horizon: fine-art work. I think I did succeed for the fine-art part. My images became more intentionally and show more character that in the past. And indeed that is the direction I am heading to in the future. More of that to come for 2023.