Oriental shoot with Bella Lena

This time I did a photoshoot theme which I personally never would have thought of. But that is the cool advantage of collaborations. It’s not just me. It as always a team of at least two when you count in the model. Sometimes the team is even bigger.

Anyway. We did an oriental themed photoshoot. This theme was a wish by the model for this shoot: Bella Lena. I am thankful to her for pushing my creativity with this cool theme. 

You can find more about Bella Lena’s work at her Facebook page:  Bella Lena 

We did the shoot in a studio setting. Bella Lena brought a lot of beautiful outfits and great props. We chose two outfits and started shooting. I gave images with the turquoise outfit a bit of a creative color grade to contribute to the oriental mood. For one of the images of the the black and white outfit we did a trick to get an as shallow depth of field as possible with the sharpness only at Bella Lena’s eyes. It was difficult to pull it off but we succeeded and it resulted in a very special image. 

Here are some of the results: 

So thank you Bella Lena for being such a pleasant model to work with and doing such a great job. We achieved some cool results.