Fine-art shoot with Teddi

When everything seems to fall apart, beautiful things can come totally unexpected. Let me tell you about that. A few days before this shoot I did not see this one coming. I had studio shoots planned for two days and both models were unlucky enough to be the victim of covid. Talking about bad luck. So all my plans for these shoots needed to be postponed and I was left with an empty calendar and studio and a little uneasiness because I really looked forward to these photoshoots. 

Then suddenly received a message from someone I had not met before: Teddi. And she had time to model for a shoot. And even better: she wanted to do a fine-art shoot. Which are my favourite kind of shoots at the moment. So we did some last minute planning and communication and gave it go. 

Teddi was well prepared for this shoot and we had a blast. I really love the results that came from our session. She brought different props and we were able to create a nice and versatile set of fine-art images. 

Here are some of the results:

Teddi, thank you so much for this unexpected and great collaboration.