Autumn shoot with Katherine 4

Well. It’s that time of the year again. It’s autumn over here in the Netherlands. Or actually I should say: it is already autumn. But that might have to do with a long trip I did to South Africa at the end of the summer. When you come back from a warm country in the beginning of October, the autumn definitely has started.

I had the privilege to work with Katherine on this shoot. Katherine is a model with a lot of experience. You can find more about Katherine on her Facebook page Katherine Morgen Van Der B and her Instagram feed @katherinemorgen.

We decided to do our photoshoot in a forest nearby Rotterdam. The weather conditions had been very changeable in the days prior to the shoot and for our shooting day itself we also had some forecasts for rain. So it was a kind of exiting if we could manage to have a shoot without rain. However the luck turned our way because we had a lovely sunny time during our shoot.

Here are some of the results:

Af far as lighting and photography techniques goes this shoot was pretty simple. I only used one light source: daylight. No flashes at all this time.

Thank you Katherine for this lovely shoot. You were a breeze to work with.

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