Moody at the fortress with Robin

During a collaboration with photographer Saskia we did a cool and moody photoshoot at a very special location: a fortress. To be more specific we had this shoot at Fort Honswijk in the Netherlands. A very cool location.

For this shoot we worked with a male model Robin. He is a fantastic model and being able to do some cool poses.

You can find more information about them at their web spaces:

For this shoot we wanted to get a more dark and moody tone which matched the grim atmosphere of this fortress.

We also had quite an adventure during this shoot. This shoot was at a Friday afternoon/evening. Because of the heavy weight of our lighting gear and sandbags we decided to drive into the fortress terrain with our cars. And we had a great shoot as is always the case when I work with Saskia. However this time we had a little hiccup at the end of the shoot. When we wanted to leave the premises of the fortress we discovered that the fences were locked. So we were locked into the fortresses terrain and couldn’t get out with our cars. Since it was a Friday evening it wasn’t so sure when we would be set free from our unexpected captivity. After some calling around a very friendly and helpful gentleman came over to open the gate for us and set us free. So I herewith give a very big thank you to that gentleman and a lot of respect for coming over during his free time.

Here are some of the results:

For this shoot I used a battery powered studio strobe and a small octabox . I used a grid to keep the light spread as narrow as possible.

Thank you Saskia and Robin for this great collaboration and adventure. I had a great time.