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I told you about a shoot I was working on with model Camille Leon and MUA (make-up artist) Mariska a few weeks ago. Check it out here: Moody maternity shoot with Camille.

For more of their work check out their web spaces:

This was such a cool studio shoot. Camille and her partner have a pond with some very nice Koi’s in their garden which they both like a lot. And because of that passion, MUA Mariska had the very cool idea to create a big koi tattoo on Amanda’s back with make-up. So that’s what this shoot was all about. It was mainly the courtesy of Mariska’s hard work. When I watched her creating this piece of artwork, I was really impressed. For me she really tributes the ‘artist’ part of a MUA.

Here are some behind the scenes images of Mariska creating the koi tattoo on Camille’s back:

These are the moments that it’s so cool to be a portrait photographer.

After the intense make-up session we started the shoot itself and worked on both a white and black background. We even added a cool sword to it.

Here are some of the results:

For the shoot with the white background I used a studio strobe with a big octabox. For the shoot with the black background I used a small octabox with a grid as the key light. The orange spot in the background is created with another studio strobe with a gridded standard reflector and a color gel.

And now I will finish this news post with a big thank you and taking my hat off (figuratively speaking) to Mariska for her amazing piece of work. And the second thank you is for Camille for being able to sit still patiently for such a long time. I really had great time during this shoot.

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