Portraits of the Fighters Against Cancer

Last week I had the honor to have a photoshoot again with the great people of the Roparun team Fighters Against Cancer. I have photographed them in the past as well. Check out my news pages Heroes: Fighters Against Cancer and Roparun 2017: Fighters Against Cancer for more information about that.

The team needed updated team portraits for their website. These people are all volunteers who realise a great achievement to help people who suffer from this terrible disease.

Check out their website: www.fightersagainstcancer.nl.

And please support them by making a donation to them. You can make a donation at their team page on the Roparun site: https://www.roparun.nl/nl/teams/alle-teams/?team_id=568

Here are some the results:

Fighters Against Cancer 2019

Thanks you for having me as your photographer. And I wish you guys and girls a fantastic Roparun this year.