Natural light shoot in Rotterdam with Bianca 4

A little while ago I had a very nice and easy going natural light shoot in Rotterdam. I did this shoot with Bianca. Check out her Instagram feed: @plussize_kitten_b.

We did a kind of a city walk through Rotterdam from the Markthal along the Willemsbrug to the Kop van Zuid. Along the way we did some nice natural light shooting. The goal of this shoot actually was to put myself out of my comfort zone as a photographer. Normally I bring a ton of gear to shoots. Now I forced myself only to bring two prime lenses: a wide angle lens and short telelens. And no artificial lighting gear of whatsoever. I think it is a good thing to challenge yourself as a photographer. With this shoot I certainly did. No safety of all kinds of gear and also only natural light. The natural light thing is possibly even a bigger issue for a photographer who is used to use flash light.

Since I’m normally biased to work in the tele-end of the field of view landscape, I now mainly used a wide angle lens. And I think the images came out pretty well.

Here are some of the results:

So now I want to give Bianca a big thank you for her willingness to help me out during this try-out shoot and her never ending enthusiasm and endurance to model during the shoot.

I liked this way of shooting a lot. I think I will do some more of these kind of shoots in the nearby future.

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