Indut shoot at night with Thalita

The fall is coming closer and closer. Which means the days get shorter and shorter. And as a result it’s getting dark in the evenings pretty. But Thalita and I didn’t let that darkness be an obstacle for us to go outside and shoot. We took a studio strobe with us and started shooting at an industrial area.

For a few shots we worked with the light only coming from the strobe. And later on we added the environmental light of the industrial area as well and combined it with the flash light.

Here are some of the results:


The lighting setup was pretty simple this time. One battery powered studio strobe with a small octabox. To match the color temperature  of the environmental light, we added a full CTO gel to the strobe and corrected the camera’s white balance accordingly.

So thank you Thalita for being such a patient and very collaborative model: well done.