Colorful portraits with Josan 1

As promised in the previous news post of Josan and the silhouette images, I will continue the news about that shoot in this post. You know, the cool shoot in collaboration with Saskia of Flitsendbeeld.

This time we went for a complete opposite setup then the dark silhouettes. A lot of color was the base of this idea. Josan brought some lovely outfits in beautiful traditional colors. So we matched the background color to the color of he outfits and started shooting. This resulted in a lovely set of very colorful images.

Here are some of our results:

For these images we used some more studio strobes. One strobe with a beauty dish as the main light. Another strobe with standard reflector and color gel for the background. And at both sides in the back a strobe with a strip box to create the rim lights.

Thank you Josan for being such a fantastic model and bringing these lovely outfits. They suited you very good.

After this setup we did one more setup. One small hint: that setup has to do with smoke. I will write a news post that setup soon.

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