Nature shoot with Thalita

After a kind of a long summer stop in which we had a long period of hot days over here in the Netherlands, I couldn’t wait any longer and decided that I wanted to start shooting again. But I wanted to shoot in a completely different setting this time. I wanted to do a shoot outside. So I asked Thalita if she was up for a shoot in nature and of course she was. Cool.

So completely out of my comfort zone, which is called the studio, we went to the nature reserve in our area. And we had a lot of fun in this new and lovely green ‘studio’. Does this mean that I’m shooting outside for the future? Not exactly. I will keep shooting in the studio because I love that too. But I will be adding the outside environment as a studio as well. In the future I will start adding studio light at outside shoots. I will write a news post in the near future about a shoot in which I used artificial lighting outside.

Here are some of the results of our shoot:

So this time no flash stuff was used. The images were shot mainly in the shadows of the trees on a hot and sunny day. I used a 70-200 mm lens mostly wide open at an aperture of f/2.8 to get a shallow depth of field.

I has been a warm but great day. So thank you Thalita for being a great model as always and that you were willing to defy the heat and nature elements with me.