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This year I met fellow photographer Saskia during a photography masterclass. We got along very well and decided to do some photo projects together. You might have seen Saskia in my other news post Photographing the photographer Saskia that I posted a few weeks ago.

One of the first projects we worked on is a pink flower shoot. We did some try-outs together in advanced in order to get the colours of the flowers and the background to match. After that we asked Thalita if she would be so kind to be our model for that shoot. And we were happy that she did.

So Thalita and I went to Saskia’s photo studio. Which is located in a lovely environment and in a fantastic building by the way. Take a look at that:

Saskia’s studio building

During the shoot we used our shooting plan that we made up front. Preparation is a key thing right? But of course plans are created to deviate from. Not only because you want to do that but also because things never go as you have planned them in advance. And that’s a good thing that gets the creativity of the team going. Most of all we had a lot of fun.

Both Saskia and Thalita are great personalities and we had a lovely easy going and relaxed shooting day. Here are some behind-the-scenes images to get an impression of our shoot:

The main theme of our shoot was built around pink flowers. We decided to go for a ton-sur-ton style in the pink colour and where Thalita would get flowers in her hair. So flowers and a dress were ordered. Great job Saskia. Thank you for that! Beside the regular ’upright’ portraits, we wanted to create images where Thality would lay down on the floor in a cloud of pink. So we did put pink fabric on the floor and lay Thalita on it. I think the results are very cool.

Here are some of the results of our shoot:

During the ton-sur-ton shoot we used two studio strobes. One with a small 75 cm octabox as the main light and another with a standard reflector and color gel for to color the background. To fill in the shadows we used a reflector. For the images of Thalita on the pink fabric on the floor we used just a single studio strobe with a large 150 cm octabox. That’s it. No fill in needed.

So thank you Saskia for your hospitality in your beautiful studio and the great collaboration we had. And a big thank you to Thalita too for being such a great model as always. I had a lovely day with you two ladies.


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