Studio shoot with Bianca

A while ago I had a studio shoot with plus size model Bianca. You can find more about her on her instagram page: @plussize_kitten_b.

We mainly did a moody styled photo shoot. Bianca had a fashionably outfit and an outfit in lace as well. And during the shoot even one of the studio assistants offered to to some modelling as well.

Here are some of the results:

And in between the serious parts of the shoot we had some crazy stuff going on as well:

Bianca – Crazy faces

For this shoot I used a studio strobe with a small octabox as a key light. A second strobe with a stripbox was used as a fill and I used a third strobe with a gridded standard reflector to create the vignette on the background. For the image with the sunglasses, the stripbox was used as a key (and effect) light in combination with the standard reflector on the background.

So thank you Bianca for the great modelling work during this shoot and the cosiness. I had a great time.