Snow shoot with Daisy 2

Sometimes you just get lucky. Very lucky. A while ago we had a winter shoot planned to do inside the studio. You know. The idea was based on some cosy winter outfits. A touch of moody light. You know the way I shoot in the studio more often.

I had this shoot planned with model Daisy. You can find more about Daisy at her Facebook page: Portfolio Daisy.

When the day of our shoot came closer and closer, the weather forecast got clearer and clearer. And we got even more exited because maybe there would be snow on that day. And yes … we got snow exactly on the day of our shoot. At the perfect time even. So we left the studio stuff for what it was and went outside to play around in the snow.

Here are some cool behind the scenes images created by Ellen, the other model who was with us on this shoot:

And it kept snowing almost all the time during our shoot. Very nice. We created some great images. And yes … it was cold indeed. But a lot of fun too.

Here are some of the results:


So thank you Daisy for being such a fantastic model. I had a great time at this shoot.

And what about the other model Ellen? She was great too. I will write about the other her soon in a future news page on this website.

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