Flash shoot in nature with Thalita

As promised in my news post Nature shoot with Thalita, I have been to the nature reserve with Thalita accompanied by a battery powered studio strobe. We tried to involve more of the natural environment during this shoot by shooting partly in wide angle perspective.

This was a kind of a scoop for both Thalita and me. The first shoot with studio strobe outside and using wide angle for portraits. And it worked pretty good. In the future we will work more on the outdoors concept but this was a great start. We both had a great time. In the future I will plan bigger shoots with multiple lights as well.

Here are some results of our shoot:

We used only one studio strobe with as a fill in flash. As light modifier we used a stripnbox. That’s it.

Thank you Thalita for being a great model and fantastic company. I really enjoyed this shoot outside in nature. It was a lovely day.