Pilot shoot with Hans

I have a project in mind for the future. Building a kind of series of portraits in a coherent style. This project has something to do with character.

In order to do a try-out shoot for this project I asked Hans if he was willing to help me out to test the concept. In my opinion Hans is, and has, a great character. So for me he is the ultimate candidate for this shoot. And I was happy that Hans agreed to help me out with this.

We did a ‘pilot’ shoot in order to check out the lighting setup. And beside this try-out we also got some nice images of Hans. Since I know Hans for quite a while now and we hang out together regularly, I knew he likes to wear his hat in colder seasons. So I asked him to bring that hat to the shoot in order to take pictures of him with that hat. Beside that winter hat, we initially made some images with his summer hat during the lighting setup.

I think the shoot went very well. The idea in my head was translated to tangible images very well. For the project itself I am planning to add a little extra depth to the concept in order to make the series a bit more interesting. Of course I will ask Hans again to participate in that project.

So here are some results of our shoot:

I used a dark grey background. On this background I used a studio strobe with a gridded reflector in order to create the vignetting effect. And as a main light I used my trusty small octabox on a second strobe. For the final project I will probable add another light.

So thank you Hans for helping me out during this shoot and thinking with me about the lighting. As always it was a pleasure to be with you.