Moody and beauty shoot with Ruby 2

Ruby and I had a great photoshoot last week. She is a very expressive young lady and we got some great results. We did some variations on clothing and lighting during the shoot. We started with a dark, moody and soft lighting setup. That resulted in beautiful, almost low key like, portraits. After that we made some brighter images with Ruby as a photographer. I think I’m getting some amazing competition here. At the end, we finished with some shots with beauty lighting.

Here are some of the results:

All images are made with studio flashes. For the dark and moody images I only used a large umbrella. I love the soft light it produces. For the photographer images we used the same umbrella in a different angle so that it also spilled more light on the background which gave it a brighter look. The beauty shots are done with an overhead soft box as a key light. The background is also a (large soft box). From below I used a third small soft box or a white reflector as a fill light.

Thank you Ruby for being such a lovely model.

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