Lekker in je vacht with Denise

I have had a very interesting shoot with Denise and her cats. Denise knows a lot about animal behaviour and we have had some very interesting discussions about that. Denise is a biologist and specializes in cat behaviour. Check out the website lekkerinjevacht.com. She provides education, advice and cat behavior consulting services. She has a active Facebook group (in Dutch language) dedicated to cat behavior and welfare called Katten Informatie Punt.

Denise’s cats Ilay (with the dark face), Wonka (with the ‘striped’ tabby face’) and Uni (with the light greyish face) are Birman cats. Also called ‘Sacred Cat of Birma’. I’m not sure whether they are al that sacred but they are very friendly cats. And each has it’s own character. That’s why cats are so cool in my opinion. The cats even participated in the photoshoot and they did a great job. But what else could it be when you living as a cat with such a charming cat behaviour expert. That must be cat heaven on earth.

Here are some of the results of the shoots.


To create these images I used a studio strobe with a large light modifier for all of these images.

Thank you Uni, Wonka, Ilay, and of course Denise for your great hospitality and collaboration.