Elf in the forest shoot with Bella Lena

I had a completely different shoot than I usual do. The model for this shoot was Bella Lena. We did a shoot for compositing later on in Photoshop. 

Before I begin rambling on about the shoot, you can find more information about Bella Lena at her Facebook page: Bella Lena.

So about our shoot. We created the images in the studio with a neutral grey background. Bella Lena had to pretend that she was in a forest and pose accordingly to her role as an elf. Not the easiest job in the world to do but she did great. After that I went to a local forest to shoot background images to use for this shoot. These kind of images require a completely different mindset then regular landscape photography. After I got these images from the woods, I created composite images of the photo’s of Bella Lena with the background images. This was a whole new experience for me but I like the results. I think I will explore more into this direction in the future. 

Here are the results:

Thank you Bella Lena for doing such a great job and for your patience.