Bust Sophie

When I saw this bust, I immediately liked it. A warm moody image instantly came to my mind. There was a small problem however: the buste was not mine but belonged to a store called Gisteren & Vandaag. But the people of the store were kind enough to let me borough it and use it for a photo shoot.

Bust Sophie was created by a Dutch artist in the Limburg part of Holland called Mat Wanders.

If you like the buste Sophie you might be lucky because Gisteren & Vandaag has it on sale at the time of writing this blog. Check it out at their website www.brocantegisterenenvandaag.nl .

I used studio flashes to create this image. As the main light I used a big soft box for the ‘normal’ portrait and a strip light for the silhouette portrait. The background is lighted with a gridded reflector.