Fine-art portraits with Lyam077

This time I will tell you about a new collaboration with a fantastic male model: Lyam077. Our collaboration was on the planboard for quite a long time and finally our schedules came together. 

You can find more about Lyam077 at:

I received some new backdrops for the studio shoots. I love those backdrops by the way. I already had a such backdrop in monochrome tints and now I got some coloured variants. We used some of these new backdrops for the a fine-art portrait shoot in the colours blue and sage. 

My extra goal for this shoot was to do some close-up portraits in order to work with a lens that I got a while back. Sadly I didn’t had much changes to use it last year so now its about time. I used it during this shoot and the images blew me away. Wow. I will definitely start using this lens more in the future.

Lyam077 did a great job posing and brought some cool outfits. I love the results from this shoot. Check them out:

Thank you Lyam077 for being a fantastic model and great company.