Fine-art shoot with Elisa

I had another collaboration with model Elisa. I already did some great shoots with her before. For those who are interested check out these news posts about these shoots: Fantasy in the Blue Chamber with Elisa and Pure Ink shoot with Elisa.

Check Elisa out at her social media channels:

So this time we did a fine-art studio shoot. Elisa brought some great outfits and did some fantastic modelling. For a part of the shoot I decided to create a blueish atmosphere by mounting a CTO (Color Temperature Orange) gel to the key light and changing the white balance to a temperature around tungsten. Now Elisa gets lighted in basic coloured light and all else renders blue. I love that trick. After that I did some fine-art post processing which resulted to amazing images.

Here are some of the results of our shoot: 

Thank you so much Elisa for this great collaboration. I had a fantastic day.