Pure Ink – The POC shoot with Coralie

It is time for something new. For those who follow me for a while know that I pay a lot of attention to  the post processing of my images. Especially with my fine-art work. The last few years I had something itching in my mind to do some sessions with photography of a more purer form in mind. Initially I thought about picking up my old and trusty analog camera again and do portrait shoots with film. I even started following some channels on YouTube about analog photography since it has been a while that I shot with film. I think my last work with analog film was during my photography eduction.

But after watching these channels for a while and watching current economic developments I got cold feet. The costs for analog film and development are very high. So I ditched the analog plan and went for the next best thing. Shooting jpegs directly the way I envisioned them. This means a complete turnaround in my workflow. Everything has to be right at the time of the shoot now. Of course I also shoot RAW files as a backup but my goal is to keep it pure. Shooting images and be done. 

Since pure is the main theme here I also decided to keep the lighting simple. Just one light. That’s it. And I added the idea of a more conversational approach with the model by adding chairs. One for the model and one for me. So during the shoot we could have a relaxed conversation and create some images. 

Another aspect is the fact that I chose for black and white images to support the pure theme even more. So I configured the look of an analog BW film look in my camera.

I decided to start the project with models with tattoo’s. Hence the name ‘Pure ink’.

It is so cool that the idea lived in my mind for a while and now finally it came to life. My first shoot was with model Coralie. She is a fantastic model and great at posing.

You can find out more about Coralie at her Instafeed:  @myskin.81.

We did this shoot as a proof of concept and I think the images came out great. Here are some of the results:

I also enjoyed the process of this shoot. Thank you Coralie for starting this Pure Ink journey with me. I love the images. 

For those inked models out there who like to participate in this project please feel free to contact me.