Donut and balloon shoot with Jenneke

Remember Jenneke from this year’s valentines shoot? Check that out here: Valentine’s shoot with Jenneke.

Check out Jenneke at her social media channels:

This location shoot was one with a few hiccups. First two balloons magically managed to escape from our car and flew away high into the sky. Of course the one who caused that escape was yours truly. I never knew balloons could be so fast. Luckily we had some spare balloons and helium and managed to finish the shoot as planned. 

We had planned on some levitation shots with balloons and donuts. That became a big fail because of a lot of wind at our location. Welcome to the stormy Netherlands. Check out this short animation for an impression:

Stormy Netherlands

So I decided to make it work afterwards in Photoshop. I think the image came out pretty cool. Further more we went to another location and shot some more great images around our theme. 

Here are some of our results:

Thank you Jenneke. You did a fantastic job and I had a great day.