Marionette shoot with Berlinda

I met up with Berlinda again. This time we did the shoot on location instead of the studio. Our theme was a marionette in which Berlinda performed a perfect role as a marionette. 

You can find more about Berlinda here:

Check her out. She is a great model to work with. 

For this shoot we worked in a basement and on a stairwell. Working on location has its own difficulties. Like in our shoot we were mainly working in small spaces. These limitations force the team to come up with creative solutions. Especially the stairs formed a challenge because there was no room for light stands. But we managed to fix that and came up with some great results. Beside shooting I love to solve these kind of logistic puzzles too. For those who are interested: the solution was superclamps. 

Here are some images of our shoot:

Thank you Berlinda. I had a great time during this shoot.