Under the bridge with Priscilla

After a long period of photographic isolation it finally happend. In the Netherlands it seems to get a bit safer outside. So I started to do photoshoots again in these strange and insecure COVID-19 times. I started the photoshoots with Priscilla because she was the first one with whom I had to cancel our photoshoot because of the Corona outbreak. 

To keep both the model and myself safe I decided only to shoot on location for now because my studio space is tiny and keeping distance between each other will be difficult if not even impossible. 

For this shoot Priscilla and I decided to go for an urban setting. We choose to shoot under a bridge. And we were lucky that we choose that location because we had a lot of rain during that shoot. I’m glad that we were covered by the bridge above out heads. 

We used a studio strobe to create an even more moody atmosphere than was already there. 

Here are some of the results: 

Thank you for this great shoot Priscilla. We had to wait a long time for it and I’m glad that we finally managed to pull it off. 

Later on that day the weather cleared a bit and we did some natural light shooting around the bridge and a skatepark. More on that in a future news message.