Fineart portraits with Brigitte

Note that this shoot is from before the quarantine situation.

It was time to take my photography a step further. For quite a while now I wanted to do some more fineart photography. So I asked model Brigitte if she would like to do a fineart photoshoot with me. And luckily for me she was very excited about the idea. 

You can find more about Brigitte’s work at her Facebook page Brigitte Schultink and her Instagram feed @brigittetweet.  

We shot some great images on a grey backdrop. During post processing in Photoshop I added the characteristic backdrop and a painterly tint to the images. Because of Brigitte’s red hair color I decided to make the backgrounds in a greenish color which is complementary to the red. 

Here are some of the results:

A big thank you to Brigitte for participating in this shoot and contributing to perfect the concept. We achieved some great results.