Fresh router

Sometimes strange and unforeseen things happen in life. This time something completely unexpected. My wife blew up our network router. That’s right. Boom. That’s quite an achievement huh? It was not completely her fault though. She switched on the lights and a lightbulb broke down and caused a power shortage and the fuse was blown. So after bringing up the fuse everything came back to live in our house. Except for our network connectivity. Long story short: the router must have had a kind of stroke because of that power shortage and refused to communicate. So that was the end of the router. 

And I ordered a new one. And our trusty postman delivered it to house. How neat of him.

And since I’m kind of out of models during this situation it was time for some more home creativity shooting. I decided to submit the router to a product shoot. I used the blue color of the brand as a backdrop and made sure the green LED at the front is visible. 

Linksys EA 6350 Router

Although this might seem to be pretty boring stuff, the technique of lighting it keeps my creativity going and every shoot I do I learn new stuff. And that knowledge can be used for my portrait work when this phase is over.