Outdoor shoot with Iris

I have been in contact with Iris for a longer period of time. We would like to do a photoshoot together but the distance between us was a bit of an issue. But finally we made an appointment. I travelled by train to her town and we did a shoot over there.

You can find more about Iris here:

For me the location of a photoshoot is not that important. I think a photographer needs to be able to create good shots everywhere. However a nice location makes a shoot even better. And we were lucky because Iris lives in a very nice town. 

Because I travelled by train I had to go light on the photographic equipment. I only brought a camera and some lenses. And that’s about it. So we did this whole shoot in natural light. In the building with the white background I used the artificial light that was available in that building. 

Here are some of the results:

Thank you Iris for being such a great model and a very enjoyable person. I had a great time.