Silhouette shoot with Roosmarijn

A while ago I wrote a news post about Roosmarijn: Moody studio shoot with Roosmarijn. In that post I told you that there might be something more from Roosmarijn. And indeed there is something more from her and I will write about that in this news post.

Sometimes things lead from one to another. During the photoshoot with Roosmarijn we suddenly diverted to shots that would make great silhouettes. So we changed the studio setup a little and started shooting.

I converted these silhouettes to black and white to make them more graphical. I think that really benefitted to the results. And Roosmarijn’s amazing long hair really added up to these shapes.

Here are some of the results:

For these images I used two studio strobes with standard reflectors pointed at the white background.

Thank you Roosmarijn for coming up with that inspiring idea that led us into these results.