Reflection 2019

What I did not do last year is maybe a good thing to do this year. To take some time for reflection on the work I did in 2019. Well I did it last year in my mind but did not share those thoughts online. So how did I do this year? Let’s find out.

Reflection 2019

I worked very hard on a project for which I had some great results in mind which unfortunately did not work out. That was a pity because I envisioned some great things about that project. But since it were rather delicate pictures about personalities it was difficult to get cooperation from people for this project. So in the end it costed me and the project team an enormous amount of time and effort without getting good results. The thing I learned from this project is to pull the plug sooner when plans don’t work out the way they should be.

I would have loved to so some more projects this year but the other one consumed most of my time.

This year I started to work with curvy models to learn more about posing them and reach out to them because a lot of photographers give them the cold shoulder. Maybe because of a lot of prejudices. I don’t know. I know I had a great time with these models and found them very inspiring. And we got great results too.

Another new thing for me in regard to social media. In januari I started an Instagram feed. Which progresses slowly but sturdy. I like the feed because I can send a link to people who can see at a glance what kind of work I create. If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, please do so. You can find my feed at @marcohofmanimaging.

I definitely did a lot more outdoor portrait shoots. I think it adds up to my body of work but I think it still needs to be a brought a bit more on par with my studio style.

I definitely invested in educating myself around Photoshop which has paid off big time. I still have a lot of tricks and techniques to learn but I am able to handle a lot of challenges more easily these days.

What I really enjoyed this year have been all the new people I have met to collaborate with in photoshoots. For me as a photographer that personal contact is the most important part.

All in all I don’t think I did a bad job this year. Of course there were lessons to be learned. But it would be strange if that was not the case. Nobody is perfect and I certainly am not. Without lessons to learn there is no growth. Let’s see what 2020 will bring photographically speaking.