A lot of sweetness with Ellen

When we started this shoot, there was a strong sweet scent in the studio. That scent had been caused by the props of for this shoot: candy time.

I did this shoot together with plus side model Ellen. And Ellen is a make-up artist too and did her own make-up. And she did a great job to match her make-up to this sweet candy style. You can find more about Ellen’s work at her Facebook page: Shoots van curvy amateur model Ellen.

For this shoot we used different kinds of candy like marshmallows in different forms, shapes and sizes and we had a gigantic lollipop. Ellen created a very cool hairstyle with cupcakes and since she recently had her birthday she even added a happy birthday crown. And check out that marshmallow jewellery. Ain’t that something?

I am very pleased with the results. Here are some of them:

For this shoot I a clamshell lighting setup. I used a strobe with gridded beauty dish as a key light from above and a strobe with a small octabox from below as a fill light. The background was colored with a third strobe with a reflector and a color gel.

Thank you Ellen for being such a great model, MUA and hairstylist at the same time. We achieved some great results.