Fine art challenge with Daisy

I sometimes collaborate with fellow photographer Saskia in order to get out of our comfort zones and do creative photo shoots in a way that we normally don’t do.

You can find more about Saskia’s work at her website

This time we came up with something new again: a fine art challenge. The idea of this challenge was to both take pictures of the same model in the studio with the same lighting setup and then create a Photoshop image with one of these pictures that goes beyond the regular retouching we normally do. Hence the name fine art for this challenge.

So we asked model Daisy if she would be so kind to be the model for this shoot. And luckily she wanted to be our model.

Check out Daisy’s Facebook page for more of her work: Portfolio Daisy.

During the shoot I asked Daisy if she could hold her hands as if she was holding something in them. That would give me the opportunity to add something to hold later on in Photoshop.

I decided to for a blue and moody image. And I wanted to give her the moon to carry in her hands. So I needed a moon. And when I thought about how to get a moon image, I remembered that another photographer called Theo Hamoen had created great images of the moon. So I asked Theo if I could use one of his moon pictures. And he was kind enough to send me his moon shots right away.

You can see more of Theo’s work on his 500px page:

So after I changed the mood of the image to a soft and blue tone, I added the moon and a shine to it. And still there was something missing for me in the image. Right. So I added some silhouettes of bats flying around in the background. That made the balance in the image better in my opinion.

Here is the result of my take on the fine art challenge:

Daisy – Fineart – Caressing the moon in the night

Thank you to Daisy for being such a great model. And a big thank you for Theo for providing me with your great moon picture. And of course thank you to Saskia for the great collaboration as always.