50’s & 60’s shoot

I have been invited by model & MUA Ellen to participate in a 50’s and 60’s photoshoot she was organising. The idea of the shoot was to do a collaboration with four models and two photographers. I felt honoured that she asked memoir this shoot and gladly accepted the invitation.

The team consisted of the following great people:

And myself as a photographer of course.

The location was a 50’s and 60’s museum where we were allowed to shoot. I had a great day and there was not enough time to work out all the ideas we got. This place was such a rich source of inspiration with all these different spaces with distinct decors.

Here are some of the results:

To keep life easy I used only one studio strobe with a small octabox on it. I tried to match the exposure to the ambient light. Of course the museum used artificial light sources. So I matched the color temperature of the strobe by adding a CTO gel.

For all I want to thank Ellen, Jeniffer, Ineke, Adriaan and Rob for this fantastic collaboration. I had a great time. And a big compliment for Ellen for organising this shoot into perfection.