Studio shoot with Han Nah

I was contacted by model Han Nah if I was willing to do a shoot with her. After checking her portfolio I thought it was a great idea to do a shoot together.

You can find more about Han nah’s work on her Facebook page: Han Nah.

We decided to do a portrait shoot in the studio. We shot those portraits in a moody atmosphere. Han Nah brought a piece of lace which made a great prop for some of the portraits. I think the shoot worked out great.

Here are some of the results:

For this shoot I used a studio strobe with a small octabox as a key light. For the rim light I used a stripbox and for the background a standard reflector with a grid was used. The images with the lace were shot with only one strobe with a gridded reflector.

Thank you Han Nah for this great collaboration. I had a lovely shoot with fantastic results and a very pleasant company.