Colourful houses with Robin

Time for a collaboration with fellow photographer Saskia from again. We decided we wanted to do an outdoors fashion/editorial shoot this time.

For this shoot we asked model Robin to be our model. And he was willing to join us during our shoot. You can find more about Robin’s work at his Instagram feed: @rob.in__wonderland.

Saskia and I hadn’t planned an exact location yet. And after having contact with Robin we didn’t need to do that anymore. The great thing about Robin as a model is that he knows exactly what he wants. And he has a location wish list. And the colourful houses at Houten Castellum was one of these wishes. And therewith our shooting location had been determinated.

Here is a behind the scenes image from Saskia holding our big soft box to prevent it from blowing over in the wind:

Behind the scenes in Houten Castellum

This location in Houten Castellum has a row of colourful houses situated at the water. The houses are built in a curve which gave us very nice compositions.

And here are some of our results of this shoot:

For this shoot we used one battery powered studio strobe. We wanted to create a bit of softer light and therefore choose the biggest light modifier we had available: the 150 cm octabox. Because we were shooting in the blazing sun we needed use all the power we could get. Therefore we did not use the the outer diffusor of the soft box in order to squeeze off some extra power. We did use the inner diffusor though.

Thank you Robin for being with us during this great shoot and for picking out such a cool location.