Wide angle shoot in Amsterdam with Bianca 2

Remember my post about the natural light shoot in Rotterdam with Bianca? Check it out here: Natural light shoot in Rotterdam with Bianca. At the end of that news post I wrote that I maybe would do some more shoots like this. And I did another shoot. However a bit different this time.

Model Bianca came along with this shoot again. Check out her Instagram feed: @plussize_kitten_b.

This time we decided to take the shoot to another environment. We both choose Amsterdam. It’s a great city for a day trip full of shooting. So we did a kind of similar thing to Rotterdam and just wandered around the city and shoot some images along the way. To push myself even more out of my comfort zone, I only used one lens for this shoot. And of course I gave myself a hard time by only using a wide angle lens. Which is a kind of a challenge for a photographer like me who tends to use tele lenses only for his portraits.

We did a pretty long walk trough the city which was kind of easy going. And grab a small bite of food along the way. I think we had some nice results of this shoot:

Thank you Bianca for coming along with me on this day. I had a great time.

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