Water fun with Ellen

During one of our hot summer days here in the Netherlands I had a studio shoot planned with plus size model Ellen. You can find more about Ellen’s work on her Facebook page: Shoots van curvy amateur model Ellen.

After watching the weather forecast we decided to change the regular studio strobes for their battery powered siblings and do a shoot outside. We went to a local small beach area. The first idea was to do a shoot along the shore. Well … let’s cut a tall story short … we ended up shooting in the water. And we achieved some great results. We also did a few shots around a cool tree.

Here are some of our behind the scenes images:

It was lovely to shoot in the cool water. This was a fantastic replacement of out studio shoot. And shooting at the tree was mainly in the shadows which gave us a cool and relaxed shoot.

Here are some of the results of our shoot:

For this shoot I used one battery powered studio strobe with a high power reflector on the water. At the tree I used the same strobe but then with a small octabox.

Thank you Ellen for doing this shoot together with me. We had a lot of fun.