Classy latex with Dragica

This was something new for me as a photographer. Doing a photoshoot with a model in a latex outfit. I had this shoot with model Dragica. Check out her Instagram feed @dragica.obscurity to see more of her great work.

So this was a bit out of my comfort zone because photographing a model with a shiny outfit like latex is a little different. So I did some preparation and prepared some lighting setups.

I think the end results came out pretty well:

For this shoot I changed my regular lighting setup and used a stripbox as a key light. I did this because I wanted to exaggerate the reflections on the latex. And a stripbox results in graphical lines a reflections which makes
the image in a graphically sense more pleasing. I used a second stripbox as a fill light. And for the background I used a gridded reflector.

Thank you Dragica for this great collaboration. I am very pleased with the results.