Candy shoot with Daisy

I had a very sweet shoot in the studio with model Daisy. Literally speaking this time because we did a candy shoot.

You can find more about Daisy at her portfolio page on Facebook: Portfolio Daisy.

During the shoot we were assisted by a make-up artist Ellen. She added a colorful make-up to match the sweet style of the shoot. Beside a MUA, Ellen is a model too.

You can find more about Ellen at her page on Facebook: Shoots van curvy amateur model Ellen.

We did this shoot with different kinds of candy like liquorice allsorts, a lollipop, barley sugar stick and of course bubblegum. Daisy even created her own jewelry with the liquorice allsorts. How cool is that?

During the shoot with the liqourice allsorts I thought that it might be nice to create an image with flying sweets. So we did some high speed shooting of 11 frames per second with falling sweets. Daisy dropped the sweets one by one and I tried to capture them during their fall. With this speed we managed to capture two to three images at a time. And during post processing I got the noble task of cutting out all these individual sweets in Photoshop and compose them together in a picture with Daisy.

Here are some of the results:

For this shoot I a clamshell lighting setup and used color gels for the background. The candy rain was shot in the same light setup and added in Photoshop.

This was a cool and creative shoot and I herewith give a big thank you to both the model Daisy as well as the MUA Ellen: great job.